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EEC LINE works to resolve all your land transportation needs. Our overland truck service works to provide you the best complete logistic solutions when transporting chemicals or general cargo. At EECL, we work tirelessly to ensure that your cargo arrives safely and on time to its destination. Your cargo is safe while on one of our certified trucks.

Competitive Pricing

A cost effective and comprehensive service that compels customers to return to EECL again and again.

Timely Delivery

Knowledgeable and familiar with regional transport routes and local roads, you are ensured safe and speedy delivery of shipment.

Certified Trucks

Each truck is certified to transport hazardous chemicals safely and efficiently to its final destination. 

Complete Logistical Solutions for Transport

Our truck operators are trained and experienced in over land chemical transport. They are also experienced with the safe handling of hazard chemicals. With EECL drivers, you are ensured safe and speedy delivery of shipment across Thailand.

We deliver "anywhere", whether chemicals need to be transported to northern, central, southern Thailand or even just around Bangkok, EECL chemical trucks are the transport service of choice.

Our Clients

Trusted by industorial leading companies.

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